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Here are some of the posts I've written that people seem to like:

Management lessons the hard way - I break down all the management problems we've had over the years running Learn from my mistakes, before you pay the ultimate price!

How to build a great mobile development team - Learn how we built the iPhone and Android teams at Socialcam in the middle of the most competitive talent market yet.

Launch - How we built and launched Socialcam in only two months.

Selling Kiko - How Emmett and I sold Kiko for $258,100 only one year out of college.

Why entrepreneurs should love rap music - Rap music is for hustlers, ya dig?

What starting was a really bad idea but I'm glad we did it anyway - The story of how we started, why it was ill-conceived from the beginning, and how we turned it into a big business.

My Y Combinator Interview - How Emmett and I applied and were accepted into the first ever Y Combinator class in the summer of 2005.

Measuring startup success by headcount is toxic - Hire slow, fire fast -- or pay the ultimate price.